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January 19, 2019

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Concordia Crew

Hey this is a page dedicated to my new found friends on the SV Concordia! Class A-Float! I had soo much fun while sailing with these guys from Bermuda to Boston in the TallShips2000 race! I had alot of funny memories on the boat...first being the only Bermudian NOT to get sick! Antoine asked for it though to go up front in the gulf "just to see what it felt like!" HaHaHa Now the food wasnt that great but hey Jeff did the best he could to please everyone! I know one thing though...i will be the happiest person alive if i never have to see or clean another "Scupper" in my life! UGH! And the nerve of Piotr to tell me to "scuppers, clean de scuppers"!
Maddy & Margaret (roomates and night shift partners) Jeff the chef ( YOU ROCK! ) Frenchy (Mr.Math himself! LoL) Jean (the cocky dr. right stav?)& Piotr (the bosun) and last but not final Julia (the other roomie you are soo cool!)